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Elveby Lodge No. 1-604

Omaha, Nebraska

Sons of Norway (Sub District One)

Organized February 13, 1988

Meets 3rd Sunday, 3:00 pm

Augustana Lutheran Church

3647 Lafayette Avenue

Omaha, NE 68131


Sons of Norway Elveby (which means river city) Lodge has been blessed with members and friends of many talents, interests and a lot of energy. The names are many. The contributions are enormous. The fellowship and friendships are deep and lasting. The happy memories and new ideas are never-ending. This brief history focuses on what makes Elveby Lodge so special to so many-- fun, fellowship, food, heritage, activities and learning. One way to describe Elveby is to reflect on what has occurred and what has been accomplished in its relatively short history. So here goes.....

Elveby Lodge traces its roots to the organizers of the Norwegian Heritage Club and a Syttende Mai celebration in 1986 attended by over 80 enthusiastic people. Early goals included furthering Norwegian heritage and cultural interests. Regular meetings, fascinating programs and enjoyable social activities continued into August of 1986 when a Sons of Norway Steering Committee formed with 24 people in attendance. Becoming a Sons of Norway Lodge in Nebraska occupied the committees' meetings for the following months. After a lot of dedicated effort and valuable assistance from many people, including obtaining necessary state insurance commission approvals, plans were finally made to hold a charter institutional dinner in February of 1988. The last official meeting of the Norwegian Heritage Club was February 6, 1988. Elveby Lodge was instituted on February 13, 1988 with 351 charter members. District One President Marvin Zuelke presided over the charter ceremonies at the beautiful German-American Society building.

Elveby, as a lodge, is still young enough to be building new "traditions" while also having already discovered a number of activities that are enjoyed over and over again. A list of what we do might go a long way toward describing who we are. Elveby activities, some of which repeat each year include:

Rosmaling Demonstrations

Norwegian Table Setting

Joint - Lodge Activities

Hobo Party

Soup & Sandwich Supper

Torsk / Meatball Dinner

Singing Groups

Growing Up In Norway

Bunad Displays

Norwegian Language Activities

District Training Sessions

Lodge T-shirt & sweatshirts

Ethnic Festivals at Civic Locations

Tubfrim participation

Walking Medals Program

Audun Ravnan Concerts

Sewing Lessons

Bl￿e & Lefse Classes

District & International Convention

Cookie baking

Skogfjorden , Norway, & other Scholarships

Yulebukk Party

Pioneer Women of the Plains


Douglas County Hospital community work

Norwegian Tastes & Delights

Silent Auction

Memorial Services

Newspaper Happy Ads

Museum Trips

Uff Da raffles

Restaurant trips

Potluck Dinners

Membership Drive Dinners

Bus Trips (Scandinavian Days- Story City

Boutique fund raisers

Norsk H￿st- Minot

Book Reviews

Danish Emigrant Museum


Lodge Member Name Tags

Box Socials

Local Ethnic Displays

Syttende Mai Celebrations


Norwegian History

Norsk Treasures

Christmas Parties

S of N Founding Fathers Skit

Winter Olympics Festival

Member Interest Questionnaire

Drill Team

Mid Summer Festivals

and more (Whew !)

Elveby has evolved its meeting format toward separate business and social nights. Each social meeting always has one or two special programs or activities, delicious refreshments (or a potluck), brief announcements, a humor time, singing, brief ceremonies, and introduction of guests. The separate monthly business meetings include the planning of activities and financial issues. Special activities, such as those listed above, are often held in addition to the regular social or business meetings.

Elveby has a growing library of books and documents to be proud of.

The Elveby Posten, described by many as one of the best lodge newsletters in all of Sons of Norway has been issued each month since Elveby was instituted. Each successive editor has enhanced and grown the format and contents immeasurably. The Elveby Posten has become one of many products of a very proud lodge membership.

Of major benefit to both Elveby Lodge and Sons of Norway, has been the presence of both experienced leadership and new volunteers every year. Each member has brought new ideas and provided assistance. All the talents necessary for a smooth running lodge operation come forth when needed in Elveby. Additionally, talents that further the goals of Sons of Norway and enhance membership are abundant. Examples include members who include poets, humorists, historians, genealogists, cooks and more. Augmenting these built-in talents and their dedication has been the regular visitations of Sons of Norway District and International officials. Whenever asked, representatives from the insurance, District and International offices have graciously participated in key Elveby functions. This kind of support is great to have. Conversely, Elveby participates in all District and International events that it possibly can.

Elvebys reputation has also become one of its most important assets. Just about every business, organization, club, agency or educational institution which Elveby partners with for various activities has commented about how organized Elveby is and how wonderful it is to work with the members of Elveby Lodge. This is a challenge to continue to live up to, in addition to a great benefit, as new ideas are explored in the community.

In summary, Elveby Lodge is a relatively young lodge, but already is very active in its community, with its fellow lodges, with District & International events and with its individual members. Elveby may best be known for the sheer number of activities it sponsors, the amount of fun it has, its impact on the community, its support of the goals of Sons of Norway and the friendships it fosters. What a legacy to continue!

(Elveby Home)